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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Well..Im still loving this game.
1-10 was abit of a grind...but im loving the T2 content.

I was involved in defending a keep yesterday and that was a lot of fun...pouring hot oil on the order had to be a highlight.

Im not finding it boring at all and the graphics look fantastic to me but maybe thats because I have been looking at wow's pissweak graphics for too long

We have our guildies from wow playing and have started our own guild on a low pop server, so the waiting time for RVR is next to none.
The way the guilds work is quite cool really, as you level your guild rank and at each level you unlock new abilities.

Learning the new professions has proved interesting.

But now the banks and AH's are all fully functional so its not so hard to find mats.

I have heard one or 2 people saying they didnt like the game, but for the most people seem to be loving it!

I do think its a game that you need to get past level 10 in to enjoy, but thats the same with most games I have played.

I like the fact that there is relentless grinding if you dont want that. You can level through PVP and RVR and recieve sweet rewards for renoun levels aswell.

Well..the game is released to the public tomorrow, so I guess all we can do is wait and see what the world thinks eh?
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