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Default Re: Performance issues and commercial development (offtopic)

This all is pretty straightforward and easy, please all who complain and are whining nVidia does not care, read this until You understand:
do You see anything on the product box, web site, anywhere that says - supports linux? If not, please feel free to shut up!
nVidia is not required, obligated or so to support linux at all. Read - NOT AT ALL.
And then take this: if they aren't supporting linux officially and meanwhile they make drivers for linux, take bug reports, fix problems they don't have to, what do You call this? Not caring about customers? Hey, You must be sick then...

So this far we understood that this is their free will to care about linux at all...

The other questions are, how other hw companies do compared to nVidia, what is actual outcome of trying to help linux community and so on. But heck, this is not about not helping linux users, guys!

Personally me, I'm not very happy about their drivers, but they work acceptable for me, there are problems but nVidia is working on them. Of course it's not like plug-in and it works (sometimes it is ).
Please take what nVidia provides, make bug reports, but don't say they don't care!

As an offtopic: I just ordered new computer, quite powerful one, it will have an ati card. The choice was pretty easy - I need 2D, ati currently is better with it, I play 3D games and ati just provides that rather good, but the main reason actually is that ati is getting a lot better with linux and I see a future in that... I'll try to test how this compares and feels against my current nVidia card - 2D and 3D. Will post that in separate thread, just to share expierence.
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