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Default Re: Performance issues and commercial development

Originally Posted by Fackamato View Post
No, MacOS costs money, Linux doesn't. Should be something there.

"Linux market share" isn't rising fast, if at all. Unless it's got more than 5% of the average user's market (parents and grandparents) I don't see why NVIDIA would put more effort into the binary blob.
Linux market share is probably rising faster than macos (kids) Macos will loose soon.

This all is pretty straightforward and easy, please all who complain and are whining nVidia does not care, read this until You understand:
do You see anything on the product box, web site, anywhere that says - supports linux? If not, please feel free to shut up!
nVidia is not required, obligated or so to support linux at all. Read - NOT AT ALL.
And then take this: if they aren't supporting linux officially and meanwhile they make drivers for linux, take bug reports, fix problems they don't have to, what do You call this? Not caring about customers? Hey, You must be sick then
I don't see anything about supporting macos too.

And one more thing. Idiots or 'sick' people would just be quiet when someone is making them fools.
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