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Kris Moore
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Default Interesting bug with 177.70 in KDE4

I've been investigating some slowdowns in KDE4, specifically that when you click anything on the desktop, it takes anywhere from 1-3 seconds for KDE to start launching, or respond. I've just found out today, that it *only* occurs when I'm using the nvidia driver. Right now I'm using 177.70, but if I switch to the vanilla "nv" driver, or even "vesa" the problem goes away, and KDE4 feel super-responsive again.

This is occurring on PC-BSD 7.0 systems (FreeBSD 7.1-Prerelease), using various Geforce cards, 8600GTS, GF 6200, dual-core systems, no compositing, etc. Is this something anybody else has noticed, or you guys plan on fixing when the final 177.xx driver is out?
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