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Default Stalker Clear Sky mods or edit list

Lets start a thread..

Edit to allow toggle aiming, ripped from GSC forum.

"i was looking through files beginning a modding process when i noticed in the user.ltx file in the documents folder the last line wpn_aim_toggle 0
and its functional, change the 0 to 1 and woo hoo no more holding down the mouse button, I was very happy to find this and just wanted o share the info"


Ironsight for pistols, same file, 2 links....

Did you know the 'K' key is used as an attack command key!!? Its not in the manual at all. Not sure how it works, if anyone knows please chime in.


Animal and monster mod
that adds lots more monsters to CS.

Very rough translation:
List of the innovations:
1) On the locations is increased a quantity of mutants, including of [zaspavneny] new ([byurery], fractures, [zombi], rat the like)
2) The friendly monsters are present on the bases of groups smile.gif
3) Some mutants can help in the fight with the enemy, for the details be turned to cold.
4) Is added no of intro of fix. The intros-roller do not appear with the start of game.
5) Some anomalies are less noticeable.
6) In [Limansk] is added the passage back into the red forest.
7) The beginning of the game is a little changed wink.gif
8) [Avtoseyv] of every 15 minutes (it preserves game into three different of slot).
9) In the folder of gamedata are added the special bat- files, which make it possible to open some possibilities mode.
But the possibility of the entrance into the clean sky is also added, cross lines of sight is reduced, is removed limitation to [dostavanie] of weapon in the zones, where this was cannot be made, was integrated postprocess of mod and real names of weapon, were adapted smart_monsters_part of mod, sleep from dann, [vklyuchen] of the modes Of tricks SR ( from steelrat UA, [izmenen] the [nosimyy] weight (80/90).

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