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Question Installer Problem

I am new to linux and am trying to get this NVIDIA driver to work so that I can use the 3D acceleration for my games:

I am running SuSE 8.2 Pro with linux kernal 2.4.20.SuSE. I agree to the lic. and then it tells me that NVIDIA's ftp might have the kernal-source, but it comes back saying that it does not. So it then says it will search for the kernal-source RPM that I need on my machine. Well I have it the 2.4.20.SuSE RPM straight from SuSE! It begins to run something (indicated by a progress bar) but then an error occurs. The program finishes and informs me that additional information can be found in the log file pertaining to the error. So I checked that out too. It says that the compiler I used for my current version is not the same compiler used for the kernal-source.

Does anyone know what I need to do to get this to run? It has some


but it recommends that you only use them if you know what your doing, which I don't.
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