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Default MPEG2 to TV out without interlace processing

I've just built a MythTV frontend using a little VIA ITX board, only needing it to drive an SD PAL TV. It works great except for the image quality not being quite as good as I get from other video equipment. As far as I'm aware, the lack of quality is partly because of using S-Video, and partly because of the decoded MPEG2 being deinterlaced and reinterlaced. I'm now thinking of building a second frontend using a graphics card that can map the interlace directly through, and has component video outputs. Anyone have any experience of this? I know everything is HD these days, but I'm hoping there are a few people around who like me want the best quality from their SD equipment. FX5200 is what I'm currently considering, but I can't find for certain if it will do the job.
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