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Default Re: Update on the protection in Warhead from cry-alex

The biggest problem with this protection is this:
"This DRM did nothing to combat the cracking of the game. In fact, it essentially helped in training legions of customers how to become pirates and legitimized their rationalization in the process."
I already am not buying any more EA games on the PC till the remove activation limitations, I won't bother downloading the pirated version either as I have enough games to play already, but you know that there will be many more who will just end up using the pirated version. For me I am not 100% anti-DRM when it comes to games but when they do something as horrible as to bypass a very user friendy and functional DRM like steam for something as buyer unfriendly as this activation limits SecuROM BS they have gone way over the line. If they put a activation revoke tool that I could run at any time then maybe I will change my mind but even then I'd still have reservations but at least it wouldn't be what I consider as totally user unfriendly as it is now.

IMO the devs have a right to protect their IP from theft but they have NO RIGHT to prevent me from using it after I purchased it.

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