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Default Re: So how much better does Warhead really run?

Originally Posted by tornadog View Post
I am running Warhead in Dx9 mode(Vista32) and I am getting lot of stuttering during combat scenes. I also noticed a lot of hard disk activity. I tried at 1280 x 1024, 2x AA and Enthusiast setting. Also where do you turn AF on?

Is my 2GB RAM the culprit?

I don't really know much about computers, but I think 2 Gb of ram is one of the causes. I heard that in DX9 Warhead uses more memory than in DX10, this probably leads to a lot of swapping on the harddrive to fill the gaps. I noticed in your computer descriptions you have a 8800 GT. It is a great card but I worry that Enthusiast and 2x AA may be too much too handle.

You could try setting everything on "Gamer" and with no AA and see how that works. If you're happy with the performance that gives you in the most intense and demanding scenes, you can try increasing some of the settings step by step, experiment with it and see which one will give you a noticable performance decrease or leads to swapping and which one not.

AF must be, as far as I know, be forced through the control panel of your videocard. There's no setting in Crysis (Warhead)
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