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Default Re: Update on the protection in Warhead from cry-alex

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post

EA is already working on a tool that lets the end-user "de-activate" the game on their own so that they won't even need to ask EA for addional activations. Yes I agree, this tool should have been there in the first place (and I originally thought it was build into the uninstaller) but even without it its not an unreasonable system because legal versions of XP/Vista and other professional applications have similar systems/protection where you have call to get addional activations.

And yes Lfctony, in my opinion its a huge difference when a game gets leaked and pirated a good week before release (Crysis) or basically at release or a day later (Warhead) plus you have to be a pretty pathetic scumbag if you can't afford $30 for a game with excellent value. Shows really that pirates would steal software even when it would cost $5 and have absolutely no respect for the hard work developers put into into games nor respect for intellectual property.
that won't help that much, what they really need is a website that you can login with your account (ea account) see what games are activated and de-activate them from that specific PC

i lost one spore activation when i re-installed vista while trying to fix blu-ray read speed issue
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