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Default Who managed to build it: SUSE SLES SP2 64 BIT + XEN KERNEL + 173.14.12 ??

Is there any living soul who managed to build a working driver
for SUSE SLES SP2 running the kernel?

With the normal smp kernel ( everything builds and
works very well. I used

I understand that the build for the Xen kernel is not supposed working
out of the box, but there was also a couple of success stories on the web
by the people who managed to do this with older versions of kernel
and/or driver.

I have tried to follow the posted recipies, but to no avail so far: going to the
old driver does not help as it does not support the current SLES kernel.
Fiddling with SYSSRC and IGNORE_XEN was of no help as well. I was able
to compile a loadable nvidia.ko module, but machine goes in hang at
"X -probeonly" ...

Thanks ahead for any comment - Andrei.
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