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Whatchu talkin' about? He's done it on every new post he's made recently. On the main page, I count every post he has done, except one, with it.

It's already started a fire that won't stop.. MaxPower has started to copy him by doing it too. Every MaxPower post on the main page also has it. I counted 12 out of 14 posts with the "Listening to..." included.

Now, everyone will start doing it, because people can't be left out of self promotion and the "Ain't I cool" factor. Soon, we will all be subject to finding out exactly what someone is listening to on NvNews.... As if anyone really gave two sh**s?

What's next? "Currently masterbating to..."?

And imagine it, including the "Listening to.." in every forum posts they make.

It's horrifying.. It's the end of the 'net as we know it.
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