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Default Re: Update on the protection in Warhead from cry-alex

Originally Posted by agentkay View Post
And yes Lfctony, in my opinion its a huge difference when a game gets leaked and pirated a good week before release (Crysis) or basically at release or a day later (Warhead) plus you have to be a pretty pathetic scumbag if you can't afford $30 for a game with excellent value. Shows really that pirates would steal software even when it would cost $5 and have absolutely no respect for the hard work developers put into into games nor respect for intellectual property.
That wasn't my point. I said that they lost a lot of sales by not releasing the game everywhere at the same time. People who were willing to buy it would have done it if the game was available on the 17th for everyone. Instead, it was released on the 19th for Europe. Several people who were willing to buy it at the 17th got the pirate version on the 18th because the game was not available for purchase when the pirate version came out... For Europe, Crysis Warhead was leaked early...
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