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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Hey guys

Well thanks to a break in the weather these past 2 days i managed to grab a few cloud photos this afternoon and had a bit of fun dropping them in PS setting up there alphas and getting them into FSX,so if i have some good weather (almost unheard of here in the UK)This will mark the start of the cloud package im going to be including in my Free FSX ENV package...pretty alpha stuff atm lots more testing and prodding to do but its a start.....btw there is NO FEX in these pictures that inc water/sky/clouds i rebuilt the skys in Photoshop based on marks days end colourings(i hope you dont mind )

Going for a softer wispy/fluffy look to start with and i'll work on some sharper stuff once i get acess to some better camera equipment

Warning 1920x1200 thumb links!

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