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Talk about an ordeal to get the game running. Firstly the damn thing wouldn't launch until I installed Gamespy (later uninstalled), then had to reboot otherwise it would crash to the desktop. No biggie. Then I find DX10 mode is completely broken for me. Performance is appalling. So I switch to DX9. Much much much better. Looks great and plays great, that is until I find the Steam overlay is causing me to get blank screens on level loads. Finally have it running ok played for a couple of hours then just then the game stops responding. WTF? I've got the latest drivers, a solid systems for everything else.

Am I alone? I hope so. Hate to think Crytek would take a step backwards after Crysis. ::
I've had it freeze up on me once in MP... the whole game simply stopped responding.

I haven't tried DX9.
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