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Default Re: So how much better does Warhead really run?

Originally Posted by matrix787 View Post
warhead runs so much faster in dx9 than dx10 under vista x64 its ridiculous!
Hmm Im running everything at enthusiast but shadows on gamer at 1680x1050 90% through the game in DX10 and I havent had one instance where I thought that it was running slow.

Maybe warhead has better quad core support?

I also have 4gb ram?

I'm getting as good as or better performance at this resolution as I did in crysis at 1366x768 all very high/shadows medium. (Considering what is happening on screen that is amazing) Was also very smooth in crysis for me.

I duno warhead runs fine for me.

Wish the new gtx260's would release soon so I can make a decision on what sli solution to go with vanilla or 216 sp?
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