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Default Re: World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Originally Posted by CaptnStubing View Post
I am of the opinion that you are not nerfed if you were over powered to begin with. Druids have not been nerfed. They might be brought back in line with the rest of the classes but not nerfed.
Well, ferals have been nerfed in the sense that the level 80 gear will just suck something god awful for pvp. Right now in my pvp gear I have enough int to give me roughly 7k mana, enough to powershift a few times and maybe cast a cyclone and a heal or two if I need it.

Once I hit level 80, and get level 80 gear, know what happens to that figure? It goes down to 6k mana, rather than increasing like you'd expect it to, because there won't be any level 80 gear that has both melee stats and int on it.

Now at face value that doesn't sound like much, except for the fact that all of my spells, shapeshifting, etc, will at level 80 cost about twice as much mana as they do at level 70. Technically not a nerf because none of the feral abilities have been "reduced" per se. But I think you can see why it's now horribly broken. Not to mention that our shiny new 51 point talent is worthless.


But that's just feral. Resto...resto is actually a very fun healing class/spec to play on the live servers because you are what I'd call an offensive healer. You can be nearly 100% effective at healing while running around, unlike other classes. This comes at a price though, we by and large sacrifice burst healing in exchange for this. But that's great, it makes us unique; we have our own style of healing, and it is one that doesn't make you feel like you're just the b*tch healer.

The expansion changes us though. It makes us just another one of the b*tch healers. We're still powerful in the expansion, but now we're not that far different from the paladin that just gives everybody one buff and then stands around spamming flash heal so that everybody else can enjoy the game. Lame.

In the new patch the druid class is rather disappointing as a whole, even though I don't really feel any nerfs yet. The forced new playstyle is just...boring.

(But at least until then I still get to LOL when mages try to attack me, run out of mana trying to burst me down, evocate > lolcyclone, and then I, a healer of all things, start chasing them in travel form while chain moonfire dotting them. One of the things I love about resto.)
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