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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Ok, so against my better judgement I bought this game. Orginally I was going to pass on another mmo but tbh I've learned just to play causualy. Anyways, I just didn't think from all the footage the game looked all that great and thought I was going to pass on this and wait for it to AOC on us(which i still say it will). So I load it in, update it(no start icons btw), start playing in noob land and well, it just sucked.

Saying that though, thats what I thought about wow after playing EQ2 first(bought them nearly the same time at release). But after shelving wow for a month or so I tried it agian and it grew on me. Then after maybe 6 months of playing both I never played eq2 again(although now i think eq2 is a better game, if not the best mmo)

I dunno, so far the lack of character creation/features and graphics alone are so shallow it just takes away from the game right from the beginning. Upon entering the newbie zone everyone looks identical, no aa or af(or i cant find it), bleh. Turd so far for me.
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