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Default Re: GTX280 stuck at 3d speeds even at desktop.

Originally Posted by LitHiuM View Post
Please try to find out what prog/app caused this and we can add it to the list. [EDIT] just saw your edit [/EDIT] I, and others, have already notified nVidia that dual display, WinTV, Google Talk and MSN messenger (Live messenger, not clones like aMSN) cause this. Others state that IE7 also cause it.

This issue really needs fixed. Fast.

F.Y.I. I suffer this issue with all drivers from .41 to .98
Well, I don't consider it an issue. They've made the 3D detector extra sensitive in the 177.79s+. That's to deal with the downclocking issue. Many programs make the cards go 3D, Steam, Internet Explorer etc. That's how it is. They could have made the cards 3D only from the beginning. Now we have to compromise if we want that powersaving, or deal with stability problems(downclocking ingame etc.)

BCKator, the card also drops its voltage. You can't get that with RT. Besides, this should happen automatically, not manually. The problem is that the sensor is extra sensitive and goes back to 3D with any type of video card work... Some programs just trigger it in the Windows desktop...
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