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Default 2D scrolling rollback in 177.70

I have a triple boot laptop. XP, FreeBSD-i386 and FreeBSD-amd64. Obviously, the amd64 personality uses the opensource driver while the XP and FreeBSD-i386 use binary drivers . The machine itself is a Dell XPS-1730 with dual 8700M-SLI.

The 2D scrolling performance of the 177.70 beta driver seems to have decreased markedly. I notice this in emacs, firefox and thunderbird. Xterms don't seem bad --- but jumpscroll in an xterm can make a Sun3/260 console seem snappy --- so they're no real measure.

In particular, the 2D performance of the opensource driver and amd64 (which is still substandard for the tech in this video card) exceeds the performance of the i386 with its binary driver.
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