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Default Re: gtx260 and hybrid sli

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
Wow pretty useless, and I was considering buying a 780i asus board someone has for sale to use as a lan/htpc. I thought the power savings would be a whole lot more than that.
A 780i board doesn't have any of the power management features on it. Only the 780a/g (AMD) boards have it at the present time. The graphs in that chart are old, but there is additional reasons why hybridpower won't make that big of a difference. With the GTX 2XX series Nvidia implemented a seperate downclocking feature on the cards, so they only consume 25W when idle regardless of the board. If you took an older card like an 8800GTX that uses a lot more power when idle there would be a larger gain. (Not sure if older cards do hybridpower though) Obviously their review the GTX 260 wasn't able to completely power off, but if it could you'd still only shave off another 20W.

Guru3d sums this up really well here:

Idle/2D power mode: approx. 25W
Blu-ray DVD playback mode: approx. 35W
Full 3D performance mode: varies - worst case TDP 236W for GTX 280
Full 3D performance mode: varies - worst case TDP 182W for GTX 260
HybridPower mode: effectively 0W
Using a HybridPower-capable nForce motherboard a GeForce GTX 200 GPU can be fully powered off when not performing intensive graphics operations and graphics output can be handled by the motherboard's IGP.

So though the processor can peak towards 225-235 Watt with hefty gaming, the reality is that it's just as much as a GeForce 8800 Ultra, yet you have double the performance and the overall picture of this GPU in more common situations seems to be very energy efficient.

@watermelonman: Unfortunately no you won't see any increases in performance with a setup like that. Hybrid SLI was only meant for really low end graphics processors. You're GTX 260 is easily 10x the graphics card that the onboard is, so it will actually slow performance way down due to the way SLI works.
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