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Originally Posted by Burnt_Ram View Post
i'm trying to run this game on XP32 gamer settings @ 1280x1024 with 2xAA like i did with Crysis, but it dosn't run nearly as good? well it does untill the game auto saves or goes to the next level then my fps plummit. memory leak? fun game though ...
The "r_TexturesStreaming 0" in an autoexec file helps me on both Crysis games. Looks great and gives me back a few fps.

Other than that, this game is a good deal buggy imho.

Have to reset to fullscreen every time I start the game.

Falling through objects in many areas.

Very glitchy AI. I can walk right up to and past them at times.

Game will randomly go to menu, almost always during a heavy firefight.

Still had some fun with it, but the original is still best imho.
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