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Default Re: gtx260 and hybrid sli

I thought that hybrid was power management. Any way I got a good deal on the board, and it will go in my HTPC. It is 780a not i, I made a mistake there.

According to the ASUS page it is a hybrid board.

Hybrid SLI™
Hybrid SLI™ technology is a unique hybrid multi-GPU technology. It includes two primary features: GeForceŽ Boost and HybridPower™. GeForceŽ Boost turbo-charges performance of discrete graphics cards when combined with the motherboard GPU. HybridPower™ unleashes graphics performance for demanding 3D applications and enables low-power operation for everyday computing needs.
The hybrid link at the bottom says the site is down, but anyway here is the main page. I am gonna test it with my gtx 260 just to make sure the pcie slots are working, but I don't have a kill-a-watt tester to read from the plug.
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