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Default Re: gtx260 and hybrid sli

Originally Posted by bacon12 View Post
I thought that hybrid was power management. Any way I got a good deal on the board, and it will go in my HTPC. It is 780a not i, I made a mistake there.

According to the ASUS page it is a hybrid board.

The hybrid link at the bottom says the site is down, but anyway here is the main page. I am gonna test it with my gtx 260 just to make sure the pcie slots are working, but I don't have a kill-a-watt tester to read from the plug.
Yea Hybrid is power management. I might have poorly worded what I wrote, but the 780i/790i (Intel boards) don't support hybrid SLI. There aren't any intel boards made by Nvidia capabale of supporting either Hybrid power or Hybrid SLI. The 780a and 780G AMD boards however do support both Hybrid power and Hybrid SLI because they have the 8xxx Integrated graphics processor.
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