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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

Originally Posted by wysiwyg View Post
vista is still a pile of crap
People say that all the time... but Vista really isn't bothering me. Time to move on eh?

DX10 sucks, we can agree on that.. or at least the Crysis implementation of DX10 does.

Just finished the game.. awesome. I don't care what Crytek or EA says, it plays and feels like an expansion. Same arsenal + a few new weapons, a few new vehicles, same-conflict-different-perspective like HL: Opposing Force feels very expansionish. Not that it's bad, people just don't know what to call it. We say "so did you play the new expa.. seq.. the new crysis franchise game yet?"

I liked it though. All enthusiast except shadows on gamer, 1680*1050 no AA or AF, 25-35 FPS throughout the game for me. It was probably designed so that my spec should have played it on gamer settings, but I'd rather have 25 FPS instead of 35 and know it looks the best. I'm gonna replay Crysis and Warhead at some point when I get a new PC or graphicscard (perhaps next-gen after GTX280?). Good pacing, nice storytelling, gorgeous graphics, a little bit better and more stable performing that Crysis, new atmospheric effects and better lightning, still good soundtrack, more action-packed (both good and bad), overall a good experience. Still prefer Crysis if I had to choose though because Warhead unfortunately is more linear which is probably the game's weakest point. And I for one liked the change of pace and more gameplay variation of the first Crysis. Still good game though. Finished the game in aprox. 6 hours which was what I expected for the price; short n' sweet.

I do hope I can find the for trying out Crysis Wars soon...
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