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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
SillyEagle I see you OC your card. How is it with FS. What percentage have you set your GPU fan to and is the temp within acceptable limits. I have the EVGA precision tool installed but haven't tried it yet. Thanks.
I have not taken a good look at the new GPU hardware out there so cant comment there, but as far as my system goes I use 8xS supersampling (1x2 SS w/ 4x multisampling) at 1600x1200 and there is no GPU bottleneck. I don't even OC my card simply because there is no need. I do for Crysis or Clear Sky, but seems fine at default clocks for FSX. When I'm running it OCed I'll see it hit 83, which is rather high I suppose, but considering I run it stock 95% of the time I don't think it means much.
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