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Default nvidia vs asus drivers ???

I've found by chance that asus provides its own all-in-one Linux driver for the a7n8x mobos.
The asus driver is here:

I wasn't aware of this driver, so I've installed the nvidia one, which seems to work fine, except for some buggy behaviour of the 5.1 analog sound.

But Asus says that the nvidia driver won't work with this mobo. Strange...!! AFAIK we all have installed the nVidia's driver, haven't we?

So I'd like to know if somebody has installed the asus driver, and what are the differences between them.

Does anybody know if the asus driver is based on the nvidia one? If so, wich version?
Does it work with redhat 8.0? (the rpm's inside the zip seem to be for redhat 7.3 and suse)
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