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Default There is still something that seemingly cannot be done in DX9,

I have played Crysis through several times, both on a DX9 "Very High" (tweaks like CCC and other tweaks) and also in Vista with everything on Very High, and the cinematic motionblur never works properly. Sure, I can set the renderer, quality, and change the motionblur from 3, to 4, then to 5, but still it doesn't work as well.

I'm not sure if that's the only thing, but there is are some differences between the two that do show up in the game, and no matter what I do or tweak, I can only get that same post-processing effect and look while in Vista.

So sure, it may seem like something little, but I LOVE the cinematic motionblur, it in itself is all the worth of dealing with Vista's "issues."
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