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Default Re: Hybrid power support on Linux?

Soooo, World of Warcraft (that has been running on Linux since ... forever) is not high-profile enough? Native games are not all there is, you know. I lot of WoW players frustrated with viruses and with keyloggers stealing their WoW accounts and destroying their characters that the players have spent years to make. Now these frustrated people are going either to Mac or to Linux just to play WoW there. Often they also stay for other things.

But back to the topic - support of the Hybrid Power and Hybrid SLI on Linux could make a significant impact on the buying decision for new notebooks. You need a dedicated video card (preferably with Hybrid SLI) to run WoW on Linux, but you cann't have that video card draining your battery on the important trip, thus making Hybrid Power essential. If ATi get it first, they could have a significant advantage in a rapidly growing demographic.
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