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Default My experience with Warhead

So I finally find a Circuit City that was carrying Warhead and I snagged it for $25. I get home, open it up, and pop in to install to find out there is no serial code printed on the back of my booklet. Instead of driving back to circuit city I called up EA to see if there was an easy solution as I wasn't sure there was supposed to be a code on the back because I didn't read about anyone else having the same problem. So I was put on hold with EA for 80 minutes before I could talk to someone! I then had to take a picture of my receipt and the game manual and upload the picture to them which ended up taking forever because our Charter internet doesn't come until monday so I was snagging someones wireless. They ended up emailing me a code which was great until I plugged it in to find out that I then had to activate over the internet! Luckily one of my roomies has a usb wireless adapter so I dragged my computer halfway outside to pick up reception on the porch! SOoo.. after 3 hours of work I finally got it going!!! The game does run much better than the original and so far it has been a blast minus the setup time. Anyways, just had to vent..sorry bout the wordiness.
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