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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

Originally Posted by AngelGraves13 View Post
Crysis looked better when it wasn't yet released and there was only talk about it.

I wasn't impressed when I began playing it last week.

I remembered it looking better in images when magazines praised it.

I guess nothing ever looks as good when you play it.

The shrubs and leaves look awful especially up close. Water isn't too impressive either

Warhead looks a little better, but still nothing amazing.

Great games though!
I agree. Crysis was dulled down big time at it's release. I can remember watching these awesome videos about how realistic the graphics were going to be and the real game looks nothing like that. Guess our hardware isn't up to par yet? I'd like to see what the CryEngine 2 is capable of in about 2 more years on that hardware
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