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Default Re: Cubans Custom Config for Warhead

This totally transformed the game for me. Previously I was getting about 16-18 FPS with gamer settings at 1680x1050 with my 8800 GTX, and now running the DX9 path I can run level 4 settings, which look better than running the old Gamer settings, with 16X AF at 1920x1200 at about 23-25FPS. Too bad the idiots at EA couldn't have done this out of the box.
System Specs:

Intel QX6700 @ 3.2 Ghz
Intel Bad Axe 2 Motherboard
8 GB Corsair Dominator 8500
MSI TwinFroz GTX 470
Soundblaster X-Fi
Silverstone Zeus 850 PSU
Dell FPW2405 LCD
Win 7 64 Bit
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