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I am not an expert but I installed the FX5200 on a Red Hat 9.0 box doing the following:

1) I started the text installation (typing 'linux text' at the prompt). Otherwise, my sreen died.
2) I skipped the X configuration part of the setup
3) I installed the driver with the sh NVIDIA..... command
4) I copied and (renamed as XF86Config) the nVidia supplied XF86Config-sample file to /etc/X11/
5) I edited this file to change to my monitor sync settings and to adapt the default modes to something less extreme, like default color deph 8 and 800x600 resolution. I also deleted one of the first lines (something about UNIX, that I do not remember now, that was creating problems. As you see, not a particularly solid approach, but it worked for me!)
6) Save that file, start the X and then finish your configuration from the X environment.

Hope it also works for you...
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