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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Llamalama View Post
Thanks for that. I just looked at your sig and noticed that your core/clock speed is higher than default. I think I'll hang on to my GTX for a while. It runs FSX fairly well, I just think that my res does give it a hard time occasionally. Right now I'm about to reinstall FS9 for the first time since I got my present rig because I missed my PMDG "Queen of the Skies" and a hold heap of other add ons, just for old time sakes.
Hey Llamalama

Its not a bad idea to hang on to your GTX if FSX is your Main App and your happy with how other games run on it....i went to the HD4870 a few months back & ive been quite happy with it in FSX & my other games as in everything else its a massive jump over the 880gts 640mb i had in but due to the way that FSX is so so so CPU dependent your not going to see any improvement in FPS by moving to this Gen of cards...

infact due to imature drivers that are atm more CPU dependent you might see a loss! the only way your going to see boost in FPS it to jump to DX10 and put up with the rendering errors/bug & half assed implementation...FSX is just broken and no amount of hardware or snakeoil cfg tweaks will ever completely fix it

SEX for FSX! seems a bit of a con as from what ive read they just taken FSX's default sounds and copied the mono track to another chanel...thats not really stereo but just dual mono....and how are they getting around the copyrite as those sounds are still Aces
one to avoid i think


Im still learning the in & outs of Cloud masking and what textures FSX uses for various stuff stuff but the 4096x4096 thing is pretty much BS...due to the fact that what the Env addon guys arent telling you is that that 4096x4096 texture infact is devided into 16 individual 1024x1024 cloud while the over all texture is 4096 each cloud is only 1024.....i suggest you grab DXTbmp and have a browse around FSX's texture folder which is where FSX store its Cloud textures cumulus01 & cumulus02 being the two main 16 block cloud textures files

Thanks for the kind words guys but i know theres a lot of work todo to get them upto FEX/REX standard and no dout it will be a while yet before there ready togo...also the on off overcast british weather dont help hehe

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