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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by omzig View Post
Hey Llamalama


Im still learning the in & outs of Cloud masking and what textures FSX uses for various stuff stuff but the 4096x4096 thing is pretty much BS...due to the fact that what the Env addon guys arent telling you is that that 4096x4096 texture infact is devided into 16 individual 1024x1024 cloud while the over all texture is 4096 each cloud is only 1024.....i suggest you grab DXTbmp and have a browse around FSX's texture folder which is where FSX store its Cloud textures cumulus01 & cumulus02 being the two main 16 block cloud textures files
Yeah, I've had a poke about in the past with image tool from ACES, and noticed this 4x4 arrangement - So are you using the same template of 4x4, or can it be simplified?

I need to read up on creating textures with an Alpha channel, which I've no idea about - I guess a bit of Googling is required.

I have put a link to the sunset texture I created in PS [a rich orange horizon], in the FSX club page if anyone would like to try it [usual back-up precautions apply]

A question maybe you could answer Steve, there are nine Sky_Sunset_X textures, yet to my eye they were all exactly the same - so I just created one texture and duplicated it nine times. It seems to work just fine, blending from Pre-sunset to post-sunset very nicely. SO why are there nine the same?

This seems to apply to all the sky textures throughout the day, lots of duplicates.

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