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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Yep, love the greenskin areas. Love the human areas too. I've never liked playing elves or the aesthetics that go along with them so those areas are always least appealing to me.

As for gameplay....

The gobbos just ooze personality and that CE face Mythic made for them just rocks! Having so much fun with my Squig Herder (hurting DPS issues and all) and I like that so many people quit the SH class by mid teens because it doesn't have an "I win" button. Just have to learn to be patient and pick your fights. I've been able to kill Bright Wizards and Swordmasters 2-3 levels higher than me out in the open areas 1v1.

Sooo many other classes I want to put time into and I can't stop playing this one.

It's nice to have another MMO that I can just tell I will be playing for quite some time. Considering the wifey loves it as well helps it's prospects for getting my $$ every month.
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