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Default Samsung 171p scaling problem

I've got a 171p, and I've been having the same trouble as some of you here with full screen video. This problem was present in Windows(looked nasty) and Linux(even nastier) ever since I went to DVI as my interface. I recently upgraded my Windows drivers and went poking through their settings. Turns out that there's a "use adapter scaling/use display scaling" option. Guess what? When I set the option to "use adapter scaling" the problem went away.

I realize that this is really a problem with my display(and others, it seems), but I'm REALLY hoping that there's either a setting already present like this for Linux that I'm not aware of, or that this option can be added to the Linux drivers in the near future. FYI, NVIDIA, my upcoming purchase of a 5900 class board basically hinges on having this option in Linux. Don't make me know the pain of ATI's drivers; I like you guys.

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