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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

I really don't get it when people say Crysis looked better before it came out. Have you seen some of the 2006 E3 gameplay videos (meaning not trailers but people actually playing the game)? Way lower resolution textures, less advanced shaders, and not as much detail in the distance (not sure if it was LOD or level design). I'll have to dig up some pictures to prove my point when I get a chance. The only one that looked "better" was that one jungle fight video, which people have recreated in the sandbox editor. It was mainly just a matter of making the jungle extremely dense and adjusting the time of day. But I would think fighting in such a dense jungle would eventually get annoying. Another factor I think is just how long it took Crysis to be released. It really blew everything away when it was first announced but other games started to catch up a bit in visuals. I think the same will be said about Alan Wake if/when it gets released.
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