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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

Played through the first level. First I gotta say this.... ALL..Every single game company that makes a PC game seem to epic fail on in game cinemas for NOT PRELOADING GRAPHICS!! It was bad in crysis and worse in warhead, cut scenes are a stuttering slide show not because of lack of video card horsepower, but because theres so much new data that needs to be loaded in that the game dosnt do until it needed it!

Anyways.. it does seem to be more of the same..which isnt bad. You can open up fire more without things like gun boats seeing and shooting you from a mile out (yay!). Although I did notice NPCs were seeing me through some big rocks and such, they tried to shoot at me through the rock but atleast the bullets were smart enough.

Graphicly it was also more of the same, I stuck with the same settings in crysis, 1280x720 and maxed quality all across the board and frame rates remained smooth. I noticed the game seems to have a stronger HDR effect, or maybe just stronger light as deep forest areas caused the openings in the forest to bloom a bright white alot. Also theres a new haze like effect that is applied to distant landscape. I noticed it gets applied to trees on high rock scapes and stuff, but not along your path as to obscure whats important in the distance. Definitely an effect that is more for cinematography and not realism. Didn't really start on the 2nd level but you are introduced to rain then and it looks good, although one cant help notice the sky is "barely cloudy" (There is a volumetric cloud formed in the horizon, but now where near you) with lightning flashing all around....and the sun was shining.

Bugs, nothing to game breaking, but id have to say more then I saw in the original crysis. Starting up in 1024x the first time had my arrow offset visualy from where it actually was. Windowing crysis and then changing resolutions fixed it. I am hoping the cloudless rainstorm is a bug. Lastly there seems to be a large tree model thats used repeatedly that is covered with white sparklies, like it has a bad shader on it.
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