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Default Re: NVDIA or ATI (over Linux)

I have been using an ATI card for the five years that my current system is running. The quality of the fglrx drivers is very bad and the system often becomes unstable. Using accelerated 3D graphics was possible in a few applications, but the frame rates were at best half as high as in Windows, and leaving the graphics mode constantly caused the kernel to crash, so only hard resets were able to bring back the system. And KDE 4 / composite / beryl / whatever desktop effects? Just forget it! Too bad, since for the most time of the day, desktop effects are the only things I really need my GPU for (since I don't play games frequently).

So, the next PC will not very probably have an ATI card. Actually I registered in these boards to find out if NVidia is the better choice, and from what I've read yet, it is.
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