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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Official Thread

I played the Single Player campaign for just 30 minutes last night and wow, CW runs better than Crysis. But it's probably just because they toned the graphics down just a hair. Here's a cool random moment though:

I was trying to sneak around a KPA patrol when my suit energy ran out and my cloak shut off. All of a sudden, a truck full of soldiers tries to floor it and run me over! But I just so happen to throw a grenade in front of the truck, it exploded, the truck popped a huge wheelie while still coming towards me and I barely escape. That was one intense moment.

Crysis Wars is pretty fun, I really like TIA. The funny thing is that many servers are doing "Battlegrounds" 24/7 but they only have 6-10 people in them. Battlegrounds needs at least 25 people to be a good game IMO.
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