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Interesting, but I am not sure I understand why it would be a display problem.

How would the dispaly "know" whether you are watching a movie at fullscreen or not (in fact according to my experimentation the shift to getting the "jaggies" occurs somewhere between 1x and 2x scaling).

Doesn't the DVI display just get a dump of ones-and zeros corresponding to the pixels on the screen some 60-75 times a second (depending on the vertical refresh rate)? How would the display "know" whether you are sending it a moving picture or a still frame or whether you are sending it a 1x or a scaled video image?

To me, it seems like problem must be either in the video card drivers or hardware. Am I missing something?

Also, could anyone else verify whether Windows gives the same "jaggies" problems when showing a full-screen DVD at 75Hz? (also make sure that the video is actually being refreshed at 75Hz)
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