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Default Linux support for GEForce FX Go5650?


I am considering buying a new Dell Inspiron 8600. This model comes with a GEForce FX Go 5650 (by the way what is the difference between 5600 and 5650? Is 5650 specific to Dell?) and a Ultra-Wide LCD (1920x1200).
I absolutely need Linux/XFree running on this notebook (else I would have to consider another choice, that would be a pity because that model is quite interesting, particularly with all the Dell bargains such as "double your RAM for one buck").

So before I definitely make up my mind, I would like to check if the latest nvidia driver (or a previous one, why not?) for Linux supports this board (when I talk about support, I mean first XFree will run correctly at the maximum resolution size, and second the driver will take advantage of all the performance of the chip).

If someone had experience with this board (good or bad) under Linux then I would be glad to hear from him/her.

Thank you very much in advance

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