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Default Re: Want to run Crysis at vanilla Very High in Vista64@1680x1050 with good framerate:

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
Two 260s would be your best bang for the buck, I think, while meeting that requirement (30 fps avg.)
I agree. That will get Spoudazo an average of 30fps. I'm currently testing EVGA's GeForce 260 Core 216 Superclocked and just played through the first 5 minutes and averaged 27fps at 1680x1050 with Very High settings (Windows Vista 64-bit). The minimum frame rate dipped to 18fps. This was on a Core 2 Duo E8500.

Received 23/16 at 1920x1200 and 35/27 at 1280x800. Even on a 30-inch monitor, Crysis looked pretty damn good at 1280x800 under the Very High setting.
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