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Default Re: Stalker Clear Sky

Originally Posted by asd View Post
I got sound problem in clear sky, I am using winXP SP3 with the soundblaster x-fi elite pro, 7.1 speakers setting with the newest driver installed, but when I play the game, some kind of "noisy" will appear, just like some electric noisy or broken sound effect, after 1~2 mintues they are gone, but after playing awhile, it appear again, I tried turn off the EAX in the sound option menu but it still keep happening, anyone know how to fix it?

Note: I know my sound card and the speaker are in good codition because it only happen in STALKER and Clear sky, other games like Vegas 2, mass effect, Two Worlds, CoH, Bioshock, CS:S and the others didn't got any sound error.
I don't know if anyone answered this for you but I have some ideas.

If you are in 'Gaming Mode' with the X-FI, try switching to entertainment mode and see if that helps.

Another siimple thing that can fix a 'lot' of X-FI issues is simply hitting the 'reset to defaults' button on the console.

Hope that is some use to you.
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