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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Originally Posted by Dvahlish View Post
Im playing a sorceress and shes 16 now and they just keep getting better I have found that because of the HUGE range they have with thier spells (100ft for one of them) you can stand well back in battle and fire away.
Im in Chpt 8 now, Ellyrion and I have to say its so much nicer than the blighted isle and shadowlands, its bright and feels abit like "the sound of music running through the feilds" scene Although, Im having trouble finding a warcamp there.

Yes...bright wizards are OP....but it makes up for how hideous they look.
Personally...I really hate the white lions.
Actually, im not impressed with any of the order classes...buty the witch hunters!!! LOL they look like indianan jones!!!

Anyway...glad your having fun now
The sourceress is basically a mage from WoW. Once I got rooting it was all over for the melee classes. I can take bright wizards down now. The worst are the dwarf priests. It takes 5 people to kill them. I've learned to not follow the group that is trying kill him. I let the dwarf run around trying to heal him self to stay alive while jumping like a tard. Mean while I kill all the people he was supposed to be healing. Dumb priest. LOL

I went to Inevitable City last night. I don't like it there at all. Meh, what ya gonna do. There is plenty of other places to be at.

I do think the problem with the beta was doing the same noob zones over made me bored.
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