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Default Re: Make Original Crysis look more like Warhead?

Originally Posted by quantumreality View Post
Any idea if this is compatible with the Ultra High Quality Custom Config?
yeah the time of day modification (makes the biggest difference with the visuals) and the config file settings are totally independant from each other.

The time of day (aka TOD) settings are user created mod files from the sandbox editor where people have basically edited the sunlight/moon ambient lighting settings for each map and each one replaces the Crytek time of day file for their maps.

The config file that comes with the Xconfig mod is simply your environmental details, effects, etc.. settings.

Which is why you can use any custom graphics config file with any time of day settings (and more importantly) why you can use any of these crysis grahpics config files with warhead (but not the time of day files as they're not for warhead maps).

I'll be willing to bet though that it won't be long before we start to see some REALLY nice TOD mods for warhead. I think that crytek did a much better job with the warhead maps than they did with crysis. Specifically the pilot level... woah MAMA. The lighting in that level was SPECTACULAR.

However, I do think they used entirely too much orange in the first mission. I don't think they did a very good job from the night to sunrise at all. It was done better on the first level in crysis and that was made a lot better by the modding community.


Here is how Warhead's early dawn was done. (and these were all done using the same xconfig config file)

Here is how the Xconfig TOD early dawn is done.

Here's another one.

Warhead at night. CAn't see anything! (and it's a clear sky too in that area)

Xconfig at night. Beautiful natural moon light (hey just like in real life!)

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