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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

PQs are sorta nice for the PVE part, but other then that the PVE part is sorta run of the mill MMO deal.
Havent gotten far enough to try a dungeon yet (I know there is atleast one in Inevitable City that unlockes when the city levels up), but PQs are sorta like fast PUG group runs.
Bit more fun and challenging if you are few.

Though we had to be around 15-20 people to get Biletounge down, a Tier 2 Chaos PQ boss, Big troll and a "Lord" which I spose is the step above Hero.
It does a nasty AOE that one shotted me a few times, when it double procs its attack it´ll kill a tank with less then 5k hp or something like..

The world is split into Tiers, separate contained areas (but not instanced in the sense that there are several Tier1 areas open on one server, everyone in chaos T1 is in the same one)
First you have 3 pairings (chaos vs empire, greenskin vs Dwarves, Dark elves vs High Elves), which are split into 4 tiers each.
Tier1 in the chaos pairing is one chaos area, one empire area and a RVR zone inbetween, this is one big area with a rough level span of 1-11 (you cant enter that BG past lvl11, each Tier has its own BG, or Scenario).
the pairing is split into 2 maps with a minor loading hickup inbetween (sorta like WOW, NOT a loading screen or separate area).
Once you´ve hit lvl12 and want to do a Battleground run you have to move up to Tier 2, which spans 12 to 22 or somesuch, you do that by following a road and entering a portal into the "Chaos vs Empire Tier2", which is a quick loading screen.
You can fly between the pairings and tiers.
On a Core server, if you are past lvl12 and get RVR flagged in Tier1, you get turned into a chicken, on Open RVR servers you can go one Tier below your own without the chicken debuff.

I belive the T4 area is much larger, and they also contains the capital cities where the big battle is. (currently only the Chaos vs Empire have captials and a city to city war)
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