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Default Re: Official Warhammer Online : Age of Reckoning thread

Originally Posted by glObalist View Post
Few questions:

1. How instanced is this game? I guess the dungeons are instanced. but what about zones? If the zones are not isntanced (ie ala true MMO world), is there a loading screen between them or are the zone transitions seamless just like in WoW?

2. Is there gonna be free trial or something?

3. How viable is it for a PvE-oriented player?

Honestly if it is raids and instances you like...better off sticking with wow.
This game does actually have dungeons in the major city and I think they go from level 15 up...I havent been into one yet but our guild is doing them this weekend. I hear that they are quite short though, nothing like the wow raids...Im quite pleased with this. Im over raiding for awhile.

PVE- There is plenty of quests and PQ's to do but the maajority of the game revolves around PVP....The majority of the PVE however is not kill 10 million bears to get thier tongues etc.....while there is some grinding, the drop rate is always 100% which is fantastic!

The most frustrating thing I am finding with questing is the "go and find blah blah...he wanders the hills over there" and then I spend 10 hours trying to find him Hehe
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