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Smile Re: Why did NVIDIA skip the revision of Direct X 10.01 on their 9800 GTX/GX2/GTX 260/

Originally Posted by fivefeet8 View Post
Current GPU's are not full programmable. Their shading cores are fully programmable(almost), but the entire GPU still uses some fixed function hardware. Dx11 also doesn't do away with fixed function hardware because the tessellation unit is not part of the programmable shader core.
So, they aren't fully programmable after all.

I like what Tim Sweeney stated here:

Tim Sweeney, chief executive officer of major game developer Epic Games, said in an interview that he expected 3D graphics cards used to accelerate rendering of video games as well as major applications programming interfaces (API) to vanish into thin air in the coming years. According to Sweeney, software rendering will return, but this may reshape the whole computer graphics industry.

“In the next generation we’ll write 100% of our rendering code in a real programming language – not DirectX, not OpenGL, but a language like C++ or CUDA. A real programming language unconstrained by weird API restrictions. Whether that runs on Nvidia hardware, Intel hardware or ATI hardware is really an independent question. You could potentially run it on any hardware that's capable of running general-purpose code efficiently," said Mr. Sweeney in an interview with Ars Technica web-site.
So, DirectX/OpenGL will end as kernels for the future graphics processors. I want to see this
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